5 reasons kids love stuffed animals

5 reasons kids love stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are a universal staple of any child's bedroom. In fact, if a child has only one toy, it's likely to be a stuffed animal. From tigers to penguins to dogs to elephants, the fluffy dolls come in all shapes and sizes to suit nearly any taste. Even in an age of fancy LEGO sets and flashy electronic toys, stuffed animals haven't lost their kid appeal. Here's why your child is crazy for teddy bears and stuffed animals. 

1. They encourage nurturing.
After being bossed around all day, children want a chance to play the adult. Stuffed animals make great recipients of a child's pretend care and discipline. They're small, lightweight, humanoid and perfectly compliant. Some Child Development Experts suggest that such imaginative play is crucial to their mental and social development. 

2. They're always smiling.
No matter how many times they are dropped, sat on or left alone, they always greet their owners with heartwarming, reassuring smiles. Those fuzzy, happy faces make the world seem like a nicer place, no matter what's happening in the child's life.

3. They give the best hugs.
Nothing chases away the blues like a warm, squishy hug, and it doesn't get warmer or squishier than a stuffed animal. 

4. They're easy to clean up.
For a child, nothing is easier than picking up stuffed animals from the floor after playtime. Their overstuffed bodies are gentle on little hands. When the stuffed animal itself needs cleaning, a quick run through the washing machine usually takes care of the job.

5. They're dependable.
Stuffed animals last long after most toys have fallen to bits. Stuffed animals don't bend, break or dent. They don't have screens that crack, batteries that run out or parts that get lost. 

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