How to achieve a ROI with branded merchandise

Achieving a return on investment (ROI) with your marketing and branding projects should always be an objective, and branded merchandise (promotional products) is no exception.There is compelling evidence to show that high quality branded merchandise like the promotional products supplied by our team at Bright Sparks can deliver an ROI for your business. This evidence comes from both the first-... read more

Bright Sparks Polo Club meets Harcourts Conference

Here at Bright Sparks we are very proud to have a Business Partnership with Harcourts Group Ltd. With this Business Partnership comes 3 days at their annual conference and what a conference it was. From Inside Directional Talks, Motivational Guest Speakers, through to the Wild Wild West Themed Networking Drinks and the highly anticipated Annual Awards Dinner the 2015 Harcourts Annual Confer... read more

No more boring beanies!

On our recent sourcing trip to Hong Kong and China, we spent a whole day at our Headwear factory. Our biggest takeaway, was that we don't want to be doing boring headwear (caps, beanies, bucket hats, and fedoras) any more, just slapping a logo on the front of something. We want to make our clients something cool – and headwear is a great way to do this. The minimum order from our facto... read more

We have you covered!

Be seen! Come rain or shine, Bright Sparks has you covered. When someone says the word “tent” you are probably reminded of your 10-year-old self sitting in your striped, canvas, heavy camping tent ... that you watched your parents struggle to put up for three hours. Thankfully our tents are different. Our sublimated outdoor tents take a little under five minutes to put up and are... read more

Starting the year laughing

The saying goes the best medicine is laughter so what better way to kick off the New Year with some hosting at the 2015 World Buskers Festival! Entertainment was rife from our amazing Mexican MC “Al-Jaguar”, Christchurch’s very own Mullet Man, some hilarious Italian comedic brothers and some acrobatics that made you squirm, all while sitting front row with our clients. We ... read more

Wear in the World are your Triple0 Jandals

We have recently made some jandals as a giveaway for a medical recruitment company. The company recruits medical professionals from all over the world to work in New Zealand. In conjunction with a medical recruitment promotion, potential clients (New Zealand hospitals) and potential recruits (UK doctors) are encouraged to take photos of their Triple0 jandals anywhere in the world and send it i... read more

Autumn Must-Haves

We have all basked in those beautiful summer days. Enjoying the sun beaming down, swimming in the ocean and getting those brain freezes from ice-creams! But now summer is slowly changing into what is another beautiful New Zealand season….. Autumn! Luckily here in the land of the long white cloud there are plenty of things to look forward to this Autumn! The annual Ellerslie Flower Show ... read more