Tiger Beer – Promotional product GWP Campaign

Tiger Beer – Promotional product GWP Campaign Bright Sparks is always keeping an eye out for creative branded merchandise campaigns. The famous Asian beer brand, Tiger, is currently running a promotional campaign in Singapore. Pictured is a A3 Promotional Poster at a bar in Singapore and doubtless this offer will be promoted online and through other channels too. The promotion was run i... read more

Weetabix links with Cartoon Network

Weetabix is relaunching its Weetabuddies campaign in partnership with Cartoon Network. The campaign aims to get kids to eat a healthy nutritious breakfast. Weetabix is relaunching its successful Weetabuddies campaign with a new year-long partnership with Cartoon Network. Aimed at inspiring a new generation of cereal eaters, the campaign encourages children to get creative and start the... read more

No more boring beanies!

On our recent sourcing trip to Hong Kong and China, we spent a whole day at our Headwear factory. Our biggest takeaway, was that we don't want to be doing boring headwear (caps, beanies, bucket hats, and fedoras) any more, just slapping a logo on the front of something. We want to make our clients something cool – and headwear is a great way to do this. The minimum order from our facto... read more

We have you covered!

Be seen! Come rain or shine, Bright Sparks has you covered. When someone says the word “tent” you are probably reminded of your 10-year-old self sitting in your striped, canvas, heavy camping tent ... that you watched your parents struggle to put up for three hours. Thankfully our tents are different. Our sublimated outdoor tents take a little under five minutes to put up and are... read more

Wear in the World are your Triple0 Jandals

We have recently made some jandals as a giveaway for a medical recruitment company. The company recruits medical professionals from all over the world to work in New Zealand. In conjunction with a medical recruitment promotion, potential clients (New Zealand hospitals) and potential recruits (UK doctors) are encouraged to take photos of their Triple0 jandals anywhere in the world and send it i... read more