The 3 P’s of Corporate Giving - Planning, Personalisation, & Purpose

Planning Spring is just around the corner and Christmas is something between a faint memory of good times gone by and the promise of a summer holiday in the distant future. Even so, now is the ideal time to make a plan for corporate gift giving this Christmas. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure your gifts arrive when planned and keep your time free for wrapping up your own work towards t... read more

Starting the year laughing

The saying goes the best medicine is laughter so what better way to kick off the New Year with some hosting at the 2015 World Buskers Festival! Entertainment was rife from our amazing Mexican MC “Al-Jaguar”, Christchurch’s very own Mullet Man, some hilarious Italian comedic brothers and some acrobatics that made you squirm, all while sitting front row with our clients. We ... read more

Wear in the World are your Triple0 Jandals

We have recently made some jandals as a giveaway for a medical recruitment company. The company recruits medical professionals from all over the world to work in New Zealand. In conjunction with a medical recruitment promotion, potential clients (New Zealand hospitals) and potential recruits (UK doctors) are encouraged to take photos of their Triple0 jandals anywhere in the world and send it i... read more