NZSKI Soft Toys

NZSKI is New Zealand’s premier ski resort collection, including Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, and Mount Hutt.

With a large number of tourists and local visitors every season, the marketing team at NZSKI were looking for a kiwi-style collectible that is both friendly and marketable to a wide group of people. NZSki, in conjunction with Bright Sparks, developed a pair of very appealing soft toys. The Skier character and the Snowboarding character were developed from master illustrations. Over the sampling period, the designs were made simpler for the manufacturing process and achieving a better budget point. The soft toys are used in several ways: 

  • • Sales at retail shop level

  • • Marketing material at trade shows in Australia and Auckland

  • • Prizes at ski school promotions for recognising achievement 

There were two distinct styles completed, and they were developed from cartoon illustrations of a kiwi and a kea. Both birds are native to New Zealand.

Size was important, as we didn’t want the birds too small, so we went with 20 cm high. A total of 2000 pieces were delivered. From concept to sampling and final delivery it took three months.