Promotional Meets Educational

Have you been looking for a promotional item that is both engaging and educational for children? 

The Dunedin City Council Road Safety Team came to Bright Sparks wanting exactly this. They were running an initiative in the community to educate and highlight the many distractions that occur at intersections.They wanted some sort of branded merchandise that children could take home, where their messages were reinforced whilst interacting with their parents. 

We explored a few options and found the best fit to help convey their message was Magnetic Poetry. Magnetic Poetry is an assembly of magnetic pieces bearing words or word fragments all related to a certain theme. Along with a background sheet DCC designed a set of images and words to create multiple scenes at an intersection that related to their campaign. 

This proved hugely popular within the community and became a talking point in many homes. After all, who hasn’t stood at a fridge before and found yourself having fun playing with these pieces?!
Both engaging and educational boxes were ticked and our client was delivered with a promotional item that both parties were proud of.