Mainland Tactix Members-Only Scarf

Now here at Bright Sparks, we love being from the South Island but at the same time, we're not always a fan of those chilly mornings that we have! So when the Mainland Tactix netball team wanted a memorable membership gift for 2014, we knew what would be perfect!

A Tactix branded, woolen scarf! It's an exclusive members-only scarf which stands out from the crowd with its bright colours, and is practical for everyday, at the game and also for all those cold winter days down at the courts. Branded sports memorabilia is massive overseas, especially woolen accessories in sports like football, so the Tactix scarf at netball games was different, ahead of the game and just damn-right cool! 

This season when you're court-side watching cheering on the Tactix, look around and I'm sure you'll notice some members-only scarfs worn proudly.