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Managed Merchandise Partnerships

A big part of what makes Bright Sparks different is the partnerships we form with our clients.

Our Managed Merchandise Partnerships are where the service levels you receive are taken to another level - you get the VIP treatment!

We invest a huge amount of time and energy gaining an understanding of your company, understanding of your brand and what you want to achieve. 

This is a partnership that is ongoing. We regularly meet with different departments, staff, and attend your events to make sure everything across the whole company and brand links. 

Why Partner with Bright Sparks?

Where will your stock be held?

All stock is held at our premise in Christchurch.

Who else is using Bright Sparks?

Have a look at our case studies page and you can see the brands we partner with.

What does a Managed Merchandise Program involve?

It is your company and Bright Sparks agreeing to a range of core merchandise. This will be merchandise that has an economy of scale, where, if it is procured in bulk, you will save money. 

This core range is present on an e-commerce website, so all the handling of orders, and running around is looked after by Bright Sparks. At a minimum, we are going to free up 25% of one of your staff members time, so a six-figure saving is guaranteed.

When can the e-commerce site be up and running?

A month should do the trick.

How do you qualify?

Place your orders with us, and as long as the profile of your business is right for a Managed Merchandise Partnership, we will do it for FREE
What our clients are saying...
Bright Sparks has an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5, from 40 paying customer ratings.
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